Spotlight on...: West Door St. Mary's, by David J Markham

Following David J Markham's popular show in October 2014, we are down to our final few artworks

In October 2014, David J Markham showed us a new direction in his art, with distinctly modernist studies of architectural colours and forms. With just a small handful of works left, we would like to share them with you in a series of blog posts, of which this is the first.

West Door St. Mary's is a beautiful reminiscence of David's most popular, illustrative style, showcased in The Art of Bricks, an immensely popular exhibition the artist held with us in 2012 featuring local buildings. This picture is a great example of this style and is beautifully presented so as to highlight the intricacy of the line work. Significantly, St. Mary's is a church of Tadcaster, having been present in the town for many years. It is famed for its stained glass windows which were redesigned by Edward Burne-Jones, but in this instance the artist shows plainer windows in-keeping with his distinctive style. Yet, the majesty of the structure is preserved in all its glory and given a new kind of visual appeal.

West Door St. Mary's, (ink and watercolour on paper),£350

Own this classic David J Markham piece for just £350

David J Markham is both well-established and well-collected around Selby & Ainsty. His artwork serves to preserve the ephemeral and show us the way things were at a given moment in time. Transience seems something that has become quite poignant in David's portfolio of the last few years, quite by coincidence. With many of our town's independent businesses closing down or changing hands over the past few years, these images serve as joyous memories. Although it is exciting to see the town develop and recover, presenting new businesses for artists to be inspired by, we are always sad when our town loses businesspeople, for whatever reasons those may be.

St. Mary's Church is a monumentally significant building for the town and this picture helps preserve it in David's trademark style.

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