David J Markham is a local artist specialising in expressive and abstracted depictions of buildings and familiar locations, retaining the recognisability of the original building to a very high standard whilst adding his own great charm

David has held three major exhibitions with us in recent years, most recently 'All the Colours and the Shapes of a Town', which ran from 18th October to 8th November 2014.

We have a wide body of originals and prints available by David J Markham. Please get in touch if you would like to make a purchase or arrange a viewing; we will be glad to assist. We also have miniature limited edition 'stone rabbits' available, which are small cast rabbits, David's trademark 'symbols', if you like.

We are currently running a series of 'spotlights on...' David's recent works. Click here to see the latest posts.

More images soon