Gallery 42

42 St Joseph's Street, Tadcaster, North Yorkshire, LS24 9HA

Tel: 01937 530465 /

We're always happy to help

If you're coming in to see us about a framing enquiry, please bring the artwork or object with you if possible.

Thank you



Parking is available outside our building, but on the rare occasion it is full, you can find free parking just around the corner on Chapel Street.

DIRECTIONS: Head back down St. Joseph's Street (with the gallery on the left hand side) towards John Smith's. Make a left onto the high street (John Smith's is now to your right), and then left again (first left, after the church), coming onto the one-way system. The car park is almost immediately on the right by the Falcon Inn, and you can reach Gallery 42 by taking a short walk continuing up Chapel Street away from the high street.

With the Falcon Inn on your right, continue up the path until you see Tadcaster Social Club and cross safely over to it. Go down the short snicket at the side of the club, which will take you into the club's car park, our usual parking option. We're the tall redbrick building on the end of the terrace.


Regrettably, there is a step over a threshold into our premises, but we can provide access for wheelchairs. Once inside, there are no more steps to negotiate, as the stairs lead to our workshops, office and storage spaces. We are happy to provide chairs and cups of tea!

Please do get in touch if this is a concern and we will be happy to help you, either by arranging your visit in advance, providing assistance or offering alternative options.

Guide dogs and all other animals are welcome, too.  (We once had a horse at one of our exhibitions)