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Glynis Mills is one of our most distinguished regular exhibitors, as well as one of our greatest friends. In the past, her work has been some of the best loved we've ever had and its easy to see why.

The aim of me posting this blog is just to highlight the fact that we have this exhibition coming up.

First Born © Glynis Mills, 2014

If you want to read a bit about Glynis herself, please click here (opens a new window). In this short blog post, I just want to introduce you to some of her images.

Beach Ball  © Glynis Mills, 2014

Beach Ball © Glynis Mills, 2014

On the right we have an example of an image that has been well received previously at Gallery 42, and one which displays Glynis' love for horses.

The aptly named companions seem acutely aware of our presence and they are tame and friendly towards us. This wonderful, enchanting print will, like the other images, be available in the exhibition. On the preview evening Glynis herself will be available to discuss her work.


We hope you manage to make it to the exhibition during its 3 week run - in particular, we would love for anyone interested to come along to the informal preview evening on Friday 7th February at 7pm (it doesn't matter if you're late - these things run all night!)

Here on our left we have a lovely image of Gerty (or "GERTRUDE!" when she's naughty); yes we're aware it isn't an actual beach ball she's happily clamping.

What makes this image so enchanting is the relationship between owner and pet - between Glynis and Gerty. They seem inseparable - I cannot recall more than once when Glynis has come to see us without her!

So much of the magic of Glynis' art is to do with the relationship we feel with the animals she portrays, and in understanding their beauty.

Love Me Tender, Love Me Do  © Glynis Mills, 2014

Love Me Tender, Love Me Do © Glynis Mills, 2014