It seems about time to update you on our current exhibition...

Now into its third week, we are delighted to inform you all that we have extended the date of the last day of the exhibition to be 3 weeks later on the 28th of December!

This is of course a marvellous thing, so I am here with some of the highlights from the exhibition, with something for everyone


POP was the brainchild of Ian, who wanted to create an exhibition based more around the framing than the art itself. This ethos is a different one to that which we have implemented in the past, however we feel that it has worked quite well - as bespoke framers, it is a wonderful opportunity for us to show our frames as art themselves.

Of course, this may leave some of you doubting how much we care about the art.

A lot... Is the short answer.

We have spent a lot of time sourcing and carefully framing and preparing select images for our exhibition, which came to celebrate an expanded field of nostalgia and not just the immediately obvious hallmarks of 'pop' in art (Pop Art).

We have had some wonderful comments on our current show. Let me share with you some highlights.

Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe. various unsigned prints

Monroe by Warhol

I am sure no one needs an introduction to this iconic Warhol silkscreen series, created shortly after Marilyn Monroe's death. We have 9 of these, all available separately should you wish to purchase them that way. Price on enquiry, including a smart black frame with each image.

Assorted exhibition pieces

These pieces mark the entrance to our exhibition. (I myself have my eye on the Warhol soup can), summing up the contents of our show nicely. Other similar items include a recently sold photograph of the late Kurt Cobain and an Elvis cushion.

Assorted images - all available separately. Prices on enquiry.

© Peter Blake. Signed High-Quality Giclee print. £5,500

Peter Blake

This is the centrepiece of the exhibition: an astonishingly high resolution, brilliant quality signed Giclee print from Peter Blake. Immaculately presented in a thick wooden frame, matching the greens in the picture, this package is £5,500. We have two other Peter Blakes available also, one of which is signed album art for The Who. A great image indeed.

POP is open 6 days a week, 9-5, and until 12:30pm Wednesdays. Entry is free.

We hope to see you soon, and don't forget to come along to our Dalí talk on Friday 13th December hosted and delivered by me!