Clive Perry's 'Jubilee'

Over the past week in the Gallery, there has been featured the year's great masterpiece -Clive Perry's Jubilee. Jubilee is a brilliant retrospective of HM The Queen Elizabeth II's 60 year reign, which features many of the notable events - be those happy or sad - that have occurred during 6 decades of our current Monarch. It also includes several 'nods' to aspects of our culture. I'd like to share with you all some of my favourite features of the piece:

-The bottom left corner, which features The Beatles and Henry Moore's sculptures.

-The fireworks above the River Pageant, which represent Crick and Watson's DNA discovery.

-The clever re-interpretation of Mt. Rushmore, featuring the heads of 5 notable PMs.

-LS Lowry in the bottom right hand corner, whose canvas stretches into the foreground of the piece where his matchstick men and a 'living' version of the mother he is painting pushes her pram.

-The Miners' Strike, though this is perhaps because I'm quite into Pulp at the moment (On the last day of the miners' strike, there was a Magna Carta in this part of town... etc)

Limited strictly to 100 prints, we still have some of these left which all come with an informative key in your choice of frame if you so wish. Prices are negotiated through the Gallery; our phone number is available on our website, which does indeed possess a painfully obvious URL for your convenience...

Must curb the sarcasm... (!)

Anyhow, this piece is a great commemorative artwork which is strictly limited. I do believe Clive is also willing to sell the original, which measures 100x76cm, which is in the process of being framed.

Jubilee is currently on display along with a key and a print-out of the letter from Buckingham Palace we received after sending Jubilee as a gift to the Queen. Its from her Lady in Waiting; fantastic!

In the meantime its important to announce that the Gallery will be closed after the last customer leaves on Monday 24th (Christmas Eve) right through until New Years Day (Tuesday the 1st of January for those who prefer a numerical option). We will reopen on Wednesday the 2nd of January. From everyone here,