1000 Customers, a new exhibition and new Alister Colley prints? By Jove, we must be busy!

Mrs Christine Goodcliffe (left), a much valued customer next to Managing Director Liz Allison (right)

This past week has seen Gallery 42 reach a mini-milestone in our new pricing system; our 1000th customer! ...Well, order, but let's not be picky.

Mrs Christine Goodcliffe was rewarded for her monumentally recognised custom with a complimentary bottle of wine and a box of chocolates - what an award! Our lovely Managing Director Liz Allison is delighted the award has gone to Mrs Goodcliffe and is chuffed to bits that she (and we) can acknowledge such a valued customer in this way, since this is by no means Mrs Goodcliffe's first visit to the Gallery! (I wonder what the 2000th customer will receive?!)

Mrs Goodcliffe purchased a frankly awesome original by Mr Wayne Ellis, a large mixed media illustrative artwork depicting toxic waste at sunset, in which a man walks with a ship toward the horizon. Filled with warming tones and creating a (surprisingly) happy mood in the viewer, the juxtaposition of which with the subject matter is part of what makes the piece interesting. This piece is just one of the Gallery's many unusual artworks. Mrs Goodcliffe also bought another original, though by Mr Geoffrey Smith, another regular exhibitor with us.

I'd also like to highlight some plans we are beginning to work on for an exhibition; regarding which I shall have some curatorial role; which features work by John Kaye and runs from the 22nd March to the 6th of April 2013. Although this is a long way off, I have no doubt that, like most things, it will creep up on us as the time draws nearer. I hope that if you live locally (or even; if you're feeling dedicated; you don't) you will be able to celebrate Mr Kaye's work with us next Spring. Since it is to be my first experience curating, not only am I excited but I'm also a little bit browning myself, for want of a better term... Though I'm sure I'll put on a good show in the end!

Over Christmas we continue to celebrate the work of Mr Alister Colley of Zeitgeist Fine Art. Most of his prints are not on display, but are available to view upon request as we often are inundated with orders, orders, orders galore... *Cough*, excuse me, who do I think I am - Dr. Seuss?

Anyway, we have a wide selection of prints which, as I mentioned, can be viewed upon request if not on display. Despite being our featured artist over the festive season it is unlikely we will be able to hang much of his work as the frames (though ready) are on hold whilst we fulfil actual orders placed by all our lovely customers much like Mrs Goodcliffe, as obviously the customer takes priority. We shall ensure that we pick out a grand, if concise selection of prints to display, whilst all Colley gift cards are available along with the other cards at the back. That's right! Underneath the colossal Italian artworks.

I'm also getting my act together with regard to sorting out the blog being visible on the Exhibitions page on our website, www.gallery42.com. This is in addition to reading it here on Wordpress, where I am able to maintain for you all this wonderful FREE space thanks to their smashing team. The blogs on our site will merely be  the same as those in the Gallery 42 section of my Wordpress.

So, lots to think about, and lots to follow! If you're not already, follow us on Twitter and check our Facebook for regular real-time updates, which I often am responsible for. Links at the side. Hope you're enjoying yourselves this December everyone!