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C O M I N G     S E P T E M B E R     2 8

F I L T E R S  ,  F O R M S    A N D    C O L O U R S

A N     E X H I B I T I O N     O F     P H O T O G R A P H Y     B Y     M A T T     D I X O N


C U R A T O R     L I Z     A L L I S O N

Matt Dixon is a brilliant photographer, whose diverse work is taking a new direction based on buildings. Steve and Alex recently invited Matt into the Gallery for an interview, which you will soon be able to watch here on our website. In the interview Matt explains all about his work and his upcoming exhibition - but here's a summary.

In this exhibition, Matt presents (for sale) large prints of his building edits. These magnificent hi-resolution photographs explore the impacts that shapes, colours and perception have on our lives. Vivid and aesthetically as well as technically stunning, Matt's photography promises to be a real hit. 

For more details, visit Matt's profile on the 'INTRODUCING' tab. From there you can reach his website. You can also send us an enquiry, call in or give us a ring. 

One of the prints that will be shown and available to purchase at the exhibition - photo courtesy of Matt's website

Earlier Event: 24 August