Getting Into Photography


20121112-091203.jpg Good Morning... Afternoon... Evening... Whenever you're reading this... It's morning for me anyway and I'm spending it sat in a branch of Starbucks in Manchester, waking up with a lovely limited edition praline mocha (oooo aren't I a consumer!)

I thought, since I have been hoping to write about our November artist of the month Mr Colley, who you can read about at www.Gallery42.com, and we haven't quite got his work ready yet, I'd share with you a sneak preview of some photography myself and my cuddlesome friend and colleague Alex Wright have been doing in the Gallery.

We've been using his Canon 600 series SLR, and I've been crying because it isn't mine...

(Just to clarify I haven't actually been crying, there is more to life than brilliant branded plastic... So I'm told)

Anyway, you should see some really great artistic shots of our arty hive appearing on't tinterweb some time soon, lad (or las, political correctness n' all).

(Excuse me Yorkshire outburst, a been watchin' Tad Gram Style on't YouTube. Bang 'er in't bar, she'll come up straight away... What a double entendre :L fantastic video in aid of Children in Need that promotes our motherland! Gives 'er a right good name.

Anyway, I took some photos of Alex using my iPhone, and these were my favourite shots. You can see I've been a right arty bugger and used our magnifying glass to replace his head with his camera.

Really I'm quite into photography at the moment; I wanted to let you all know this photography was taking place. If we snap you in the shop, do let us know if that's a problem and we shall eradicate your existence (from the camera, fear not).

I'll post up some highlights towards the end of the week, when I will also be able to link you to our Dropbox. Don't try and get on it yet; as it doesn't exist you'll find it very tricky as well as a colossal waste of your time.

For the time being, last chance to get some of Mr Luker's great, original and framed acrylic ink artworks! Don't miss them...