Can't Get No Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones and the Trend of Overpriced Gigs

Its safe to say I have a colossal problem... ...And that problem is overpriced gigs.

I mean, think about it. How many times have you thought, 'Hey, I'd love to see that band!' Or even, 'Hey how's about we go see this show while we're in town?' Of all those times, how often has the price put you off booking what could be a great live entertainment experience? If you're not crying out something along the lines of, 'Too many bloody times, Steve!' Then you're living in the same century as I am.

What it is, really, is bollocks. I have chosen to use The Rolling Stones as an example because recently I heard they were charging 400 quid a ticket for their upcoming string (or rather, moth-eaten thread) of shows. Having done some research, not only can I confirm this is not a rumour; moreover this is only half the price of some of the tickets! I'm all for comebacks, even more than that I'm all for seeing legendary bands; I've seen Status Quo, John Paul Jones and AC/DC twice, Aerosmith, Kiss, Saxon, Motorhead, the list goes on; but not at a price that exceeds the combined ages of the band members almost twofold... And these guys are like 60!

Yet, its the same with some more contemporary artists. I love Muse, their new album is great and I've seen them twice (including the Origins of Symmetry 10 year anniversary at Leeds 2011), but tickets to their current shows are around 7o odd quid. Furthermore, if this summer you wanted to see an artist like Nicki Minaj (not that you would want to), or go see Kanye and Jay-Z, you're looking at a few hundred quid for two tickets. What the hell is the point of making your fans fork out that much money for a 2 hour (if that) show?

I paid 215 quid for my Leeds 2012 Early Bird Weekend Ticket and 200 quid for my Leeds 2011 Weekend Ticket. Add about 70 quid to each for food, drink etc and you have 2 years worth of 6 great headline sets amidst loads of other bands! Plus 5 days worth of fun and music and a great festival experience with friends. For the same money (300 quid-ish) you could literally go for a healthy-budgeted long weekend to Amsterdam, where you could be perpetually merry for 4 days. I'm not saying I advocate their coffee shops; because that in your cup, isn't coffee; but I imagine you'd have a lot more fun for your money.

The feeling of disappointment the day after the gig hits you like a brick in the face; just what  the hell were you thinking spending that much money on one gig. I'm fully aware its the main source of income in the music industry as piracy is still so rife, but come on world; this is daylight robbery! It may well have been a great gig; but was it worth that much?

...Now I'm beginning to rant. But you see my point, and I'm sure you agree. If you're willing to pay over 400 quid per ticket to see a band that apparently 'will only play Glastonbury if the weather's nice', then you're either willing to lick Keith Richards clean (good luck) or your brain is little more than a pink turd... Or you just really want to see that band. Which is okay if you're willing to advocate nonsense.

I'm going to go and dip my head in a bucket of ice so I calm down.


Which bands have you come across who play overpriced gigs? I'll attach a form to this post - highlights next week! [contact-form subject='Overpriced Gigs Feedback'][contact-field label='Name' type='name' required='1'/][contact-field label='Email' type='email' required='1'/][contact-field label='Comment' type='textarea' required='1'/][/contact-form]