Light - My New favourite toy! Also, a few other things...

As I write this, I'm sat miserably in a car on the way home from what until now has been a brilliant day in Liverpool. What makes it no longer brilliant; indeed the cause of my misery; is the fact we have travelled 30 miles in almost 3 hours. Apparently the world and his wife are leading a mass migration out of Manchester, and reluctantly we've been dragged along kicking and screaming.

The only things keeping me sane are writing this blog and listening to Robbie Williams (I don't care if you don't like him, because I do).

Let me tell you about my brilliant day then! Well, after lunch in the Tate's Cafe, my stepdad and I enjoyed a nice lengthy look around the galleries upstairs. Interestingly, I had a completely different experience this time around than when I went for the Turner, Monet, Twombly exhibition a month ago.

You can read my critical(ish) review of it if you find the appropriate post on Gallery 42's Facebook wall, late Septemberish I think. There's a Gallery 42 button to the right on this page, it'll take you over to our Facebook page. You'd have to be dead or otherwise perpetually devoid of further existence not to be able to find us.

That said, as great as it was, If you're thinking of visiting the exhibition then don't bother, because it is no more. Its shut. You have successfully missed a bloody great exhibition. Feel bad, I permit you.

I noticed new things I hadn't seen the first time I had looked at the artworks on display. I was excited by this, and my sense of discovery was further excited by a visit to the nearby Maritime Museum, where there is a great exhibition on that runs until next April to do with RMS Titanic and it's relationship with Liverpool.

Were I to digress; because I'm obsessed with anything and everything Titanic; I'd need another blog post. Ideally another week. In fact, just give me a month. My knowledge still wouldn't be exhausted.

Anyway, brilliant day aside... This post is about what I'm doing now. What is that exactly? Why, I'm playing with light. I enjoy light. I'd lick it if I could, just to find out what it tastes like; a taste, if it were to have one, which I imagine would fit the description of 'hot and burny'.

Light is so much fun. You can do lots with it, including blind yourself; which is why you shouldn't stare at the sun. Halogens merely burn inconvenient shapes into your vision.

Personally I like to wave my iPhone around while taking photos. I don't have a camera with slow shutter, so this is the next best thing, and you can get some truly magnificent results!

Have a go; go on, treat yourself. You might enjoy it.

Clearly this works best at night, because not only is it counter-productive to go searching for artificial light during the day, but it's also momentously stupid. Wait until night, or in my case, until the Traffic God smites you and thousands of other motorists down on the M62 for hours.

I've included a small sample of the products of my almost effortless toils.

I haven't got much else to say really; just give it a go I suppose, see what happens. Just find some lights and move your camera in varying directions at varying speeds unless you have slow shutter capability. In that case you can google further details, because I'm jealous enough not to help you.

I want variable shutter speeds is all; nothing personal.

You can look forward to a less lengthy post about our new Artist of the Month of November, Chris Luker, as well as our wonderful new team member; the wall mounted microwave.

Do you have a suggestion as to what we should name the microwave? Good.

Please keep it to yourself, it's a microwave- it doesn't need a name. Especially if it begins with M, and even more especially so if your suggestion is Mike. You have no imagination.

I promise I'm not this cold really. I merely advocate sarcasm, and I believe it should be a criminal offence to create alliterative names along the lines of Larry the Lizard or other similarly disgraceful brainchildren. Cheerio!