Hello, and welcome to Steve's Guide!

My name is Steve R Lawson. Some of you may have read my past three blogs for Tadcaster's very own art gallery and bespoke picture framer, Gallery 42. I write blogs and do other bits and pieces for the Gallery. This is my new internet home; please wipe your feet and make yourself at home. In an entirely metaphorical sense, here you can hang your hat and have a cup of tea by the hearth-side. Just imagine it... Ahhh! Now that you're settled in, I'd like to talk about the sorts of things I'll be writing about;

If you have indeed read my other blogs on Gallery 42 you'll note that as of yet I have written 3 blogs. Actually, this isn't entirely true; I have in fact written four, and that fourth blog will follow soon after this one.

I love art. In fact I love it so much I intend to begin further study of  it, specifically History of Art, at University next year. It is my dream to eventually become an art historian, critic and curator and in the last few months I have begun to 'crawl', as it were.

Now its time for me to start walking.

I also love history, film, culture, music, good food (and wine) and tea amongst other things. If you are interested in these things - though mind you, mostly art - then I'm sure we will get on like nonsense and Yellowism would if they were people.

If you like what you read; share it! I'd love for this blog to reach all sorts of you wonderful people and for my cynical view of this planet to inspire, inform and entertain you.

I'd also like you to visit Gallery 42 on Facebook. You can find them dwelling on the right hand side of the screen, where a click (or a 'tap' if you're a touchscreen user) will whisk you away to their Facebook page. From there you can click on a link which will take you straight to their website, which is self explanitory in name enough for you to find yourselves. I shan't spoon feed you, even if you are still a toddler. Why, might you ask?

Well, because that would be very much a controversial course of action.

Enjoy my cynicism, folks; there's a red x in the corner that beckons those of you who do not. He also has a friend on the other side of the page that looks like a backwards arrow.

Please use neither of those buttons; they are evil.