Horsing Around - The art of Glynis Mills

This week, after apologising for my lengthy gaps between posts recently, I'll resume regular meanderings and begin so by discussing the art of our February/March Artist of the Month, Glynis Mills.

Firstly, my apology. Not many people read me on here but even so, to those who do, my apologies for the absence. I've been inundated with various burdens... Its time to resume doing this blog.

This week I'd like to promote the art of Glynis Mills. After making her our Artist of the Month back in February, we have decided to keep her on as our Artist of the Month through March as well.


Yes, we love her that much.

Glynis' art is quite different to a lot of the other work we have in the gallery. Here at Gallery 42 we pride ourselves on our ability to offer a diverse range of artwork that we love in one establishment, but even so Glynis' work just seems that bit different to a lot of our other work. Her printing style possesses a distinct luminosity that is unique in both execution and in appearance. By no means is Glynis a photo-realist, but her subjects seem to undergo a transformation that makes them look larger than life; realistic, yet embellished, the edges of their forms floating around their immediate presences. That is to say, she outlines her subjects using repeated contours of themselves.

I love how everything is ever so slightly exaggerated, especially in terms of the angles she places in her pieces. The pieces are not necessarily angular, but Glynis' use of straight lines throughout her composition helps add that sense of vivacity and liveliness that I so adore when I admire art.

I have included some highlights from the work of hers that we have on display. For more information regarding pricing and other such matters, please contact Gallery 42 on (UK landline) 01937 530 465. Glynis' work will be up until the week of the John Kaye exhibition (week commencing 18th March).


 This piece is probably my favourite out of the Mills we have on display. I love the space to the right of the cat and the way the left eye of the cat is central to the composition, around which the cat slowly fades into blue and white mist. This beautiful pen etching is a must have.


This is a detail shot of the above piece. The execution is seamless - I have one hell of a critical eye and I cannot fault this.

I love it!20130309-152022.jpg

Glynis is unique amongst our artists in another way in that a lot of her work is named through extracting song lyrics. Suspicious minds is one of my favourites because I love the way the personalities of the horses come across. All of the work we produce is based and studied from the real animals, which I think is fantastic.20130311-185451.jpgFinally, I would like to spotlight this work. I am surprised this one hasn't gone yet. The central figure conducts the animals who move with such grace and majesty despite their size. The lighting on this print is also worth discussing - The shadows are simple yet effective and the lighter horses contrast the human wonderfully.

With just over a week left to view and purchase Glynis Mills' wonderful artwork while its on display, I do hope you have the time to visit us. In my next blog I will be updating you with regards to the John Kaye exhibition and the new Julie Dodsworth gift section, both open to the public on Saturday 23rd March.