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Northern Artists Exhibition - in association with Opt In

N O W   O P E N

The Pond - L S Lowry

N O R T H E R N   A R T I S T S


L   S   L O W R Y

A L L E N   T O R T I C E

G   W   B I R K S


J O H N   K A Y E

D A V E   M A R K H A M

I N   C O L L A B O R A T I O N   W I T H

P T   I N

Northern Artists has been 'in the pipeline' for over a year and is now set to be realised in our most ambitious exhibition yet. We've got myriad classic Northern pictures in the catalogue and we'll be featuring some brand new original works by Allen Tortice and Dave Markham.

On display alongside Tortice for the first time will be signed prints by L S Lowry. These artists, often compared and contrasted, have much in common with the themes they address in their work and this exhibition will allow closer comparison. These themes, in particular the industrial heritage of the North of England, are shared by other iconic Northern painters Brian Shields, known as Braaqand of course, G W Birks.

Perhaps we might say that Tortice offers the most nostalgic depiction of our heritage, of what our towns and landscapes used to be. Of course there are still factories, chimneys and strong echoes of the past. Only, since Birks and Braaq passed away in the 1990s and of course, with Lowry having died in 1976, Tortice has been 'alone' in this group for almost two decades. His 'North' is disappearing faster than Lowry's.

Miniature (watercolour on paper) by Allen Tortice, to be featured in the exhibition

Complimenting this nostalgia well is the Northern portrait photography of Ant Blackwell, a street photographer from Liverpool. He captures a grittiness that is simply impossible without a traditional film camera like Ant's.

Gallery 42 stable artists include John Kaye and Dave Markham, who between them have provided some great classic works and some brand new pieces for the exhibition. For Dave in particular, this exhibition gives you the chance to see another side of his artwork with some beautiful oil paintings.

All of this, only at Gallery 42. It'll be free throughout and on Friday April 11th there will be a preview evening, at which all are welcome - there will be wine, music and of course, lots and lots of art!

N O R T H E R N   A R T I S T S

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Earlier Event: 7 February
Later Event: 14 June